You Are What You Think You Are

by History's History

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released April 12, 2013

History's History is:

Andrew Harris - Guitar
Dan Piotrowski - Bass
Griffen Holt - Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Eby - Drums

All music written and performed by History's History
Lyrics by Griffen Holt and Andrew Harris

Produced by Griffen Holt
Recorded and Engineered by Griffen Holt at Aluminum Doom in Columbus, OH
Mixed and Mastered by Griffen Holt at Su Su Sudio Studios in Columbus, OH

Artwork and Layout by Kimi Hanauer (
Booking and press:

Thank you to our families and friends.



all rights reserved


History's History Columbus, Ohio

Emo Rock band from Columbus, OH

RIP 2012 - 2016

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Track Name: Assembled at Home
We are building, a better building
Than the one you tried to stake your claim in
We are trying to keep it steady
To save it from these everlasting growing changes

How can we forgot where we come from
And how to save ourselves from everyday living?

There’s a fire beneath your halo
It holds you back and keeps your down when it is raining
There’s no reason for us to help you
You’ll never learn what we have been trying to teach you

Let’s try and forget you’re on your way
But you’re going nowhere

We are building....
Track Name: Franconia
Through it all I am my own again
Waiting for the news
That you and I will be one again
You just have to choose

Where will we, go when we
Have to run from everything

This is how it is, when you fight from the sidelines
Keeping score alone

Through it all I am my own again
Waiting for the news
That you and I will be one again
You just have to choose

Nothing is, free to me
Though it’s from antiquity

This is how it is, when you keep it locked inside
Will you play this game, with me?

You say you, like it here
We could start over again

The sun cuts the mist into rays that shimmer
Burn every leaf and petal on the wooded hill
And in the clearing I see our same graves
Two empty plots with no anniversary
Track Name: Meant to Be
Was it something that I said or that I did?
You shouldn’t have taken offense
I don't deserve to be kicked off the grid
It's more than what I owe in recompense

Are you trying to tell me something
I wish you'd come right out and say it
Cause I don’t need your excuses
I'm not trying to upset you
It’s the last thing we need
Just calm yourself
Before for you go off on me

This is where we
Try and look back
See if we can
Rewind our time
But since you won’t
Give me the chance
I’ll move onward
Goodbye coward

And it was on the fourth night
I saw the bulb emitting light
Not white light, but dread overhead
And I said do you see
All the pressure you put on me
Here is where my heart starts to sink

It wasn’t meant to be
Track Name: Placebo
This is the last time I let you win
No not again
Here we are at the edge of the cliff, I’ll watch you fall
No care at all

Will the rocks comfort you
The way I did?

I can only smile for so long
Before you’re gone
And just before you take your final step
I’ll keep what I’ve kept

Will the rocks comfort you
The way I did?

In the end, I’ll look back
Think of this, and laugh
Cause this is where my life begins
When everything between us ends
Making plans to jump instead

Will the rocks comfort me
The way you did?

Keep your distance before I make my move
I’ve got the world to lose
In my heart is where I keep your every thought
And where you’ll rot

Fading light
In your eyes
Welcomes in
My new life
Track Name: A Bird to Worm
Die already worm
You’ll find your way out....
Track Name: To Unmake Cities
Raising ships up from nothing where I stand
Racing down the shorelines and the sand
Dredging bodies all day for the man
It’s how I made my millions

But I’m worth more, than you ever knew
It’s just how I’ll present myself, when you’re in the room
I can’t keep hiding, what keeps me afloat
I’ll make a mistake, that will cost more than most

Keep calm, as I make this my home underground
(You can’t make me, give it away)
Laying dirt over hand, slowly controlling every sound
(It’s how I made my millions)

Why should I keep trying?
(I’ll prove that I’m better, I’ll prove that I’ve earned it)
In things I don’t believe in?
(I’ll prove that I’m better, I’ll prove that I’m worth it)
Track Name: Ever & Ever
I can see the teeth in the back of your throat
Haunting me like a ghost

I will wait my turn
To be crucified for all your lies
I’m buried

I can see the worms moving all around your tongue
Cursing me for all I’ve done

I will bide my time
To be justified for all you’ve tried
I’m buried

Deep underground, I’ll be safe
To be found, Is all it takes
Waiting on, This to pass
I fake it, But it won’t last
Track Name: The Way In Is The Way Out
Pick up your shoes
I’m not running a Hotel
Pick up your shoes
You better start running

This is where I find out I’m wrong
Wrong all along (go figure)
Picking up the pieces and burning bridges
Burying friends in my home (on my own)
I meant to give you, the time to choose to
Whether this would explode or implode

I’ll never be what you need
I’ll never change who I am
Just to accommodate you
(I’m sorry this won’t workout)
Pack up your stuff and just leave
I have nothing to say
Don’t look back on your way down
(I’m sorry you're dead now)

This is where I find out I’m wrong
Wrong all along (go figure)
Dragging my feet, all day up this hill
Digging holes to atone
I meant to tell you, I’m never here to
Ignore your calls, or hang up
You better start running
Track Name: Ghost Guts
Here is my Goodbye, never losing sight.
Of all the things that made me,
I’ll pretend there’s more to see.
Here is my Goodbye, never losing sight.

If we’re going to climb this hill
We’ll have to find a way to hold on to this
It makes no sense to make this progress
If we can’t learn to share our pride

Empty room with no passion
Why is that your only mission?

Make me believe this
Make me believe you